4 Common Complaints Employees Have About Office Furniture

Employee complaint about office furniture

In our several years of experience of having helped businesses buy office furniture in CBD more effectively and efficiently, we have seen that the entire process begins and ends with either the office manager or the business operator himself. That said, there is a whole set of people who will actually be using the furniture every day but their suggestions are not taken. Want to know who are they? Look around you – they are your employees. These are the people whose work will be impacted by what office furniture buying decisions do you make. Thus, whether you decide to buy standing desks or go for the regular workstations – you should have an understanding of what your people need. […]

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5 Common Mistakes Office Furniture Buying Mistakes

Common Mistakes Managers Make While Buying Office Furniture

Most of the career business operators or managers are not used to buying office furniture on a regular basis. Many of them never have to go through this decision-making process, because they either joined an already established office or they never had to expand out of it. Hence, it is a known fact – there is a lot of office furniture buying mistakes committed. Focus on these common mistakes which managers tend to make when they are trying to buy office furniture. Avoid them and you would’ve taken care of a major chunk of problems that other managers face: Here are our top 5 office furniture buying mistakes 1. Not understanding the needs of the business. As a business manager, […]

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5 Key Ways Your Office Furniture Will Impact Your Business

office furniture impact on business

Global workspaces are looking to augment their productivity and become more efficient in a bid to stay relevant. Every day, office managers are looking for innovative techniques to boost workplace productivity. If you are also one of those, you might have realized the impact of quality office furniture on the efficiency of your workforce. Furniture plays an important role in the entire office operations. If you consciously choose the right office furniture in CBD, you will witness higher engagement and better work environment. Here are 5 ways which outline how office furniture impacts the business bottom line Promotes Enthusiasm Bright coloured office furniture is known to elevate the mood of the workforce and keeps them enthusiastic about the future. When […]

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Buying Office Furniture? 5 Things that Will Affect Your The Decision

office furniture buying process

Buying office furniture can be a hassle if you aren’t sure about what to do and what to avoid. When you are planning for an office, you need to keep a lot of things under consideration to get the best value of your investment in office furniture. If you are clueless about office planning and buying office furniture in CBD, don’t worry, Buying Office Furniture in CBD? We have identified five factors that will affect your buying decisions Budget It goes without saying that when thinking about office furniture, yourbudgetwill play the most crucial role. This is the foremost factor that would impact your every decision and you will have to create the right balance between your staff’s comfort and […]

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When Buying Office Furniture Here are 5 Ways You Can Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls

Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls When Buying Office Furniture

In one of our previous blogs, 5 Common Mistakes Managers Make When Buying Office Furniture here), we discussed the 5 common mistakes managers make when buying office furniture. Now that we have identified the problems, it is the time to design the solution. Sure, buying office furniture in CBD is not an easy task. There is a ton of planning, reviewing and deliberate decision making involved. You can now forget about all of it, since we are here to help you with the entire process. Whether you want to buy office workstations or whether you want to buy boardroom tables – you don’t have to worry about anything, till we are on your side. So, here are five simple ways […]

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Aesthetics vs Functionality – How to Balance Between Both?

Aesthetics vs Functionality – How to Balance

A key criterion, that might confuse the about-to-be successful manager, is the idea of buying aesthetics furniture versus buying utility providing, functional furniture. What course of action she chooses to take here, will have a huge impact on the office culture. Before helping this about-to-be successful manager, it makes sense to actually define aesthetically pleasing furniture and functional furniture: Aesthetically Pleasing Furniture: This is furniture which is designed to perfection and will always make the eyes happy. It is in fact so good, that every inch of it seems artisanal. The prices tend to be high for such furniture and comfort may or may not be one of the top priorities. Functional Furniture: This is a specimen of the ‘bare […]

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Type Of Office Furniture: Custom v/s Ready Made

Custom v/s Ready Made Type of Office Furniture

Follow this article to choose the right type of office furniture A key decision where office managers and business operators get stuck when planning to buy office furniture in CBD is this one question – Should I go for custom furniture or just buy the stock one? Answering this question is difficult because there is no one-word answer to this. Like all other issues faced by businesses, this question too requires deliberate thinking and a proactive approach. We have helped businesses deal with this very problem for years now. Some office went the customization side and decided to buy office workstations according to their very needs. Others went with stock furniture and customized the arrangements they had in the office, […]

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How do the most successful businesses plan their office furniture purchases?

most successful businesses plan their office furniture purchases

What differentiates a good business from a great business? It all comes down to planning. Good businesses are also taking up planning on a regular basis, but great businesses understand the granular level of planning and are still prepared to be more opportunistic when the time comes. The same level of tenacious planning goes into the decision to buy office furniture in CBD and great businesses know how to do it the right way. Over the years, we have helped several businesses buy the office furniture that exactly fits their needs. Whether they want to buy office workstations or go for the traditional tables – we help them with everything. Hence, we have had the opportunity of shadowing great office […]

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How to plan for office space when buying office furniture?

Planning Office furniture buying

Having a new office space is one of the few experiences that actually bring satisfaction to everyone involved in the process. That said, this satisfaction lasts only till the furniture has to be planned in accordance with the office space the business has. Everyone wants to have an office in the Central Business District. It gives our business the required social validation and brings you in proximity to several entities such as banks and government offices, that help you run your business smoothly. The problem is, an office in CBD comes with its own set of challenges and the biggest one is – scarce space. Since the real estate space is limited, the office manager of the business operator has […]

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How to Plan Office Furniture Based on the Industry You Are In?

Plan Your Office Furniture Based on the Industry

Follow to article to get the best practices to plan office furniture If you are in the services industry, you would know this for a fact – the industry’s work dictates the type of office companies choose to have. For instance, banking and financial institutions tend to have a subtler approach to interiors. Whereas companies in the more creative industries such as tech or communications tend to have more collaborative interiors. Thus, depending on your industry, your decision to buy office furniture in CBD will also get impacted. We understand the needs of companies operating across industries since we have worked with so many of them. How to Plan Office Furniture Based on the Industry Here are a few variables, […]

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