4 Common Complaints Employees Have About Office Furniture

Employee complaint about office furniture

In our several years of experience of having helped businesses buy office furniture in CBD more effectively and efficiently, we have seen that the entire process begins and ends with either the office manager or the business operator himself. That said, there is a whole set of people who will actually be using the furniture every day but their suggestions are not taken. Want to know who are they? Look around you – they are your employees. These are the people whose work will be impacted by what office furniture buying decisions do you make.

Thus, whether you decide to buy standing desks or go for the regular workstations – you should have an understanding of what your people need. Now, it is not feasible enough to conduct research on this very topic. Hence, before you get started with asking your team members what they need,

here are a few common complaints employees usually have with office furniture

office furniture complaints

1. The furniture is not comfortable.

Uncomfortable furniture can lead to:

a. Health risks.

b. Hampered productivity.

c. Low morale.

You combine these three factors and you will see that your employees are taking more frequent leaves and not performing at their optimum levels. Office furniture can turn uncomfortable due to several reasons. An overlooked reason is that the furniture was not installed properly. We understand that installation is almost as important as getting the right furniture. Hence, we employ the best servicemen to come to your office and install the furniture for you – at a nominal cost.

2. The office interiors are not good enough in lifting their spirits.

Most of the employees start sensing a drop in their morale and productivity after a few weeks at the new office. Why? Because it is not ‘new’ any more. Hence, if you are going for the mundane office interiors, there is only so much dependence you can have on the ‘newness’ of the office interiors. Your office furniture and thus your decision to buy office workstations will have a great impact on the décor of the office. This is the exact reason why we consult our clients on office interior planning and design, in a free consultation session.

3. The furniture has turned old.

No one enjoys old office furniture. Like all other assets that your company uses, office furniture also wears and tears. After a point, that is somewhere around a decade or before that in the furniture’s life, you have to change things.

Many office managers take up creative ways to use the same furniture by getting it repainted or re-laminated. The problem is not always about the aesthetics. Sometimes, the furniture simply has lived way beyond its natural usable life and now has to be replaced. Simply put – if you are seeing holes in your office partition screens, it is time to buy office partition screens.

4. There is not enough furniture.

This is just a matter of capacity planning and space management. Some office managers buy furniture thinking only about the current capacities. Soon, they increasing hiring and are running out of enough furniture. The solution? Have an effective space management plan right when you are buying office furniture. Whether you should buy sit-stand desks or go for workstations, we can help you plan properly for the office space. Are you thinking how will you take care of these issues? Give us a call and our team will help you with it!