5 Common Mistakes Office Furniture Buying Mistakes

Common Mistakes Managers Make While Buying Office Furniture

Most of the career business operators or managers are not used to buying office furniture on a regular basis. Many of them never have to go through this decision-making process, because they either joined an already established office or they never had to expand out of it. Hence, it is a known fact – there is a lot of office furniture buying mistakes committed.

Focus on these common mistakes which managers tend to make when they are trying to buy office furniture. Avoid them and you would’ve taken care of a major chunk of problems that other managers face:

Here are our top 5 office furniture buying mistakes

office furniture buying mistakes

1. Not understanding the needs of the business.

As a business manager, you simply are not supposed to be in a position where you don’t understand the needs of the business. By all means, you have to know whether you should buy meeting tables or buy office workstations.

Hence, before you get started with searching for the furniture provider have a deep look at the business and its needs over the forthcoming five-six years. Once you have a directive list ready, only then, start looking for a furniture provider. This is one of the biggest office furniture buying mistakes.

2. Focusing on only the aesthetics or not focusing on them at all.

This is a clearly divided camp. Some managers get strung on the design of the furniture and some treat it as just a piece of wood that is totally replaceable. None of the camps are doing their job properly.

At the end of the day, the office furniture will serve as a tool to enhance employee productivity. Hence, one should not avoid the aesthetics of the furniture. Everyone prefers an aesthetically pleasing office. At the same time, it is an office and not a showroom for furniture. Hence, the designs should not go overboard by any means.

You don’t have to worry about any of this – we give you a free interior planning and designing consultation session.

3. Not consulting the experts at the right time.

Some office managers simply go out and buy furniture, only to realize it is not taking care of the needs of their team-members. Understand this – once the furniture has been bought, there is not much any service provider can do for you. Hence, partner with someone who can provide you with expertise right from day one of your office furniture buying process.

We are here to help you with exactly that. With our space planning and interior designing capabilities, you will have to worry about nothing when it comes to your office furniture. In our opinion, let the experts guide you through the process for a smooth ride, and help you not commit some office furniture buying mistakes

4. Not planning and accounting for delivery and installation.

So, you have decided to buy reception counters; but, what purpose will they serve if they are not delivered on time? The same goes for installation – if the furniture you have bought is not installed with precision, it will only increase your overheads when it would come to repairing the furniture.

We provide you with free delivery and send the finest experts in the industry for installation right at your office, at a nominal cost.

5. Trying to save the costs instead of focusing on the quality of the furniture.

The office furniture you buy today will last with your team for at least a decade. All the work that they produce and the value they create for the business will be generated on this very office furniture. Hence, pay attention to the value that your office furniture can provide and not just a price tag which will any way seem irrelevant once your tea members are getting their well-deserved comfort in the office.

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