Type Of Office Furniture: Custom v/s Ready Made

Custom v/s Ready Made Type of Office Furniture

Follow this article to choose the right type of office furniture

A key decision where office managers and business operators get stuck when planning to buy office furniture in CBD is this one question – Should I go for custom furniture or just buy the stock one?

Answering this question is difficult because there is no one-word answer to this. Like all other issues faced by businesses, this question too requires deliberate thinking and a proactive approach. We have helped businesses deal with this very problem for years now. Some office went the customization side and decided to buy office workstations according to their very needs. Others went with stock furniture and customized the arrangements they had in the office, to fill the needs.

So, if you have been pondering around this question

Here is a structured way of choosing the right type of office furniture

Type Of Office Furniture: Custom v/s Ready Made, Do You Need?

1. Start with mapping your needs of the furniture.

Answer this question – Why can’t I do my work on the floor?

Jeff Bezos had a similar problem long ago. When Amazon was still a very small company, Bezos was packaging goods with his very own hands. Everything was being done on the floor. Then it struck him – why wasn’t he using a table! This brought down the processing time for packaging goods and Amazon started growing tremendously. When you try to answer this very question, you will come across a few reasons which will help you map the exact reasons why you need office furniture and will also help you determine what functionalities you seek from your office furniture.

If scarce space and interior planning are your pain-points, we can help you out. We provide all our clients with a free consultation session on office interior planning and space management.

2. Now look at the furniture options available and see what needs are they not satisfying.

No matter how perfect a product portfolio is, not all products will satiate all your needs in one go. Some would fit into your budget but will not stand on your exact requirements. The ones that do fit your budget and fill your requirements may not have the necessary aesthetic profile. The reality is that no stock piece of furniture will have all the functionalities you seek. For instance, if you have decided to buy office chairs and desks, your employees may not have enough storage space in the office. If you decide to buy office storage units, you have to let go of significant office space.

We understand this dilemma. Hence, here is what we recommend – look at the functionalities that are not being satiated and ask yourself whether they are a deal-breaker. Sure, it would help to have more drawers, but you can also have a common storage unit for people to organize things.

3. Make a decision.

We provide a dedicated account management team to all our clients. Why? Because this is the exact step where they need assistance. Most business operators are able to navigate all by themselves up until here but now they have to take the decision.

With custom furniture, will come to the need for paying the extra manufacturing costs, verifying the final product thoroughly to see that it fits the brief and then ensuring that the delivery, as well as installation, are taken care of. With stock or ready-made furniture, much of this is taken care of. Our account management team will help you make a precise decision.

Want more help with choosing the right type of office furniture? Send us a mail or give us a call and our team will be at your service.