Aesthetics vs Functionality – How to Balance Between Both?

Aesthetics vs Functionality – How to Balance

A key criterion, that might confuse the about-to-be successful manager, is the idea of buying aesthetics furniture versus buying utility providing, functional furniture. What course of action she chooses to take here, will have a huge impact on the office culture.

Before helping this about-to-be successful manager, it makes sense to actually define aesthetically pleasing furniture and functional furniture:

Aesthetics vs Functionality office furniture

Aesthetically Pleasing Furniture: This is furniture which is designed to perfection and will always make the eyes happy. It is in fact so good, that every inch of it seems artisanal. The prices tend to be high for such furniture and comfort may or may not be one of the top priorities.

Functional Furniture: This is a specimen of the ‘bare minimum’ philosophy. All the focus here would be on providing all the possible functionalities the users of the furniture will need. When you decide whether you should buy standing desks for your office, you are actually trying to decide on a piece of functional furniture.

As a business manager, it might seem to be a no-brainer: Go for furniture that is highly functional, even if it is not that aesthetic in nature. After all, if this helps you minimize your costs and maximize utility per inch of the furniture, you should go for it.

The reality is that successful businesses attract new talent and new clients. Both these groups of people would someday visit your premises and whether you like it or not, will form judgements on the basis of what your office feels like. Your office furniture will play a crucial role in it. Whether you have decided to buy office partition screens or whether your team is working around a common table – such decisions will showcase their importance long after they have been put to use.

The ideal spot lies right in the middle, where the furniture you buy sits right into the interior plan of the office and yet provides you with all the features you seek.

Here is how you can achieve this balance between Aesthetics & Functionality

Focus on the ABCD: Affordability, Build Quality, Customizability and Design.

When buying office furniture in CBD, focus on these criteria and you would’ve hit the jackpot for balancing between aesthetics and functionalities.

Affordability: Don’t simply go for the cheapest option. Instead, compare its price with the relative incremental value it brings to your business by enhancing the productivity levels of your employees.

Build Quality: If you have decided to buy a boardroom table, you would know for a fact that such pieces of furniture will stay with the business for a long period of time. Hence, if you buy good quality office furniture at a good enough price, you are actually saving more money in the long run by not having to pay for repairing or maintaining the office furniture. At the same time, make sure that the furniture is eventually installed with precision.

Customizability: At the end of the day, your business will have its own unique set of problems. More nuanced the business, more customized solutions will they need. Hence, to make the most out of the office furniture you have, ensure it fits right into solving the furniture problems your business is facing.

Design: Finally, once you are on this step, you will know the needs of your office and how your office furniture should fulfil them. Now, all you have to do is build all the aesthetic elements around these very features required by your business.

Hence, the idea is to identify and map the needs of the business. Once these needs are known, the aesthetics should be built around them. Wondering how you will achieve this? Get in touch with us and you will get a free interior planning and designing consultation session.