How to Plan Office Furniture Based on the Industry You Are In?

Plan Your Office Furniture Based on the Industry

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If you are in the services industry, you would know this for a fact – the industry’s work dictates the type of office companies choose to have. For instance, banking and financial institutions tend to have a subtler approach to interiors. Whereas companies in the more creative industries such as tech or communications tend to have more collaborative interiors.

Thus, depending on your industry, your decision to buy office furniture in CBD will also get impacted. We understand the needs of companies operating across industries since we have worked with so many of them.

How to Plan Office Furniture Based on the Industry

How to Plan Office Furniture Based on the Industry You Are In?

Here are a few variables, dependent on the industry you are in, that would impact the type of interiors and furniture you buy eventually:

1. Working hours.

There are some industries, which have long working hours by design. For instance, if you are running an off-shore outsourcing company, you might be in an entirely different time-zone than your clients. Hence, naturally, your office will have longer working hours. In such situations, it is a very clever move to buy sit-stand desks.

The core issue with long working hours is that they shadow serious health risks on the employees. Such industries might include off-shoring agencies, financial services firms, law firms or consulting firms.

2. Collaborative v/s individualistic.

This variable decides what type of planning you have to do for your office. Law firms tend to be partner oriented and require the associates to work throughout things. A similar approach is prevalent with investment banks. Hence, at such institutions, the work is more individualistic. Thus, it makes a whole lot of sense to go for furniture which supports this work culture. If you have a company that has an identical modus operando to an individualistic culture, you would be looking at cubicles and cabins around the workstations. You may also choose to buy office partition screens to help individuals focus better.

On the other end of spectrum, are the more collaborative companies or companies which require several people to work simultaneously. This can be a product oriented technology company or an advertising agency. More or less, if your work revolves around generating ideas – you might require more collaborative office spaces. In order to have an open office, you can buy boardroom tables and use them as central pieces for collaboration.

3. Office work v/s travelling v/s remote working.

Finally, comes the entire need for having an office. Several startups now have employees located in remote areas, who send all their work online. For such arrangements, you might require an office plan that is inductive to the communications systems and is not furniture heavy.

At the same time, if you are running a business where employees are balancing between frequent travelling as well as sitting in the office, you should plan to buy office storage units that help them keep their important things safe. In conclusion, if you go through this entire exercise, you will know the exact needs you have to fulfil with your office furniture. Are you feeling this is too complicated? Lets us plan office furniture and space for you, give us a call and we will give you a free consultation session on interior planning and space management.

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