When Buying Office Furniture Here are 5 Ways You Can Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls

Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls When Buying Office Furniture

In one of our previous blogs, 5 Common Mistakes Managers Make When Buying Office Furniture here), we discussed the 5 common mistakes managers make when buying office furniture. Now that we have identified the problems, it is the time to design the solution.

Sure, buying office furniture in CBD is not an easy task. There is a ton of planning, reviewing and deliberate decision making involved. You can now forget about all of it, since we are here to help you with the entire process. Whether you want to buy office workstations or whether you want to buy boardroom tables – you don’t have to worry about anything, till we are on your side.

So, here are five simple ways you can avoid the most common pitfalls when buying office furniture

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1. Have an expert throughout the process.

You are great at your business. You would not want us to counsel you on how to run your business, because you have developed an expertise in running it over the years. In the exact same way, we have been working in the industry over the years helping businesses buy the right office furniture.

You might be buying office furniture for the first time in your career. Hence, it is totally fine to have an expert like us by your side on every step of the decision-making process – planning, designing, ordering, delivery and installation. Since we provide you with a dedicated account management team, you can stay assured that there is always someone available to consult you.

2. Take feedback from your employees, before you buy office furniture.

You might be running the business, but your employees are at the ground level making it work every day. Ultimately, they will be the ones who use the office furniture every day. Thus, instead of putting the guesswork in the decision making process, you should have an understanding of what exactly do they need and they are the best source to provide this information.

Thus, before you buy the office chairs, take a consensus from your employees.

3. Don’t get lured by discounts. Pay for what your business needs.

Business managers are always trying to save costs. Hence, it is only natural to get lured by steep discounts provided by a furniture maker. That said, quality furniture is itself a cost-saving avenue.

Quality Office furniture will not require very frequent repairs and servicing. Plus, it will add to the productivity levels of the employees. All in all, quality furniture will eventually pay for the differential price and create excess value for your business. Thus, instead of looking just at the price tag, look at what your business needs.

4. Look at the usable life of your furniture and then decide on your budget.

Many office managers look at office furniture as a depreciating asset and treat it that way. Beyond the realms of taxation, this is not the case. The furniture will stay with your employees for years to come. Hence, the marginally incremental comfort it provides today, will only compound over the years in terms of the value it has created for your business.

5. Synchronize the nature of your business with the type of furniture you buy.

At the end of the day, the furniture is supposed to bring certain levels of comfort to your business. The level of comfort the employees need, will depend on the nature of the business. For instance, if employees are working for long hours in the office, it makes a lot of sense to buy standing desks. Hence, look at the very nature of your business and account for it, when deciding on what type of furniture you will need.